1 inch aqua blue IMG_0818Custom ordered- soldSand, Surf & Sunset

IMG_0725crushed eggshells square chokerBronze & Golden Hues with Green Accents. 24 inch vintage bronze necklace Gold & Brown Zebra Heart with 24 in vintage gold necklace

Red and Grey 2 inch earringsRed and Grey Zebra Heartmosaic,eggshells,blue,crushed heartLarge 2in Heart multi colors $35 chain included

mosaic,eggshells, earringsAngel Wings  $50- soldIMG_0517cross,orange,green,mosaic,crushed, eggshells

mosaic,earrings,eggshellsrustic cross with eggshell heartrectangle necklace green blues brownseggshells, mosaic, rectangle

IMG_8571 IMG_8572IMG_85632 hearts in 1 crushed eggshellsmulti color arrow designIMG_3676IMG_3696 IMG_3689 IMG_3683